Hello, my name is Charlyn (call me Char). This page is dedicated to those looking for more information on the Ketogenic Lifestyle. Yes, I said LIFESTYLE. I began my ketogenic journey April 27, 2018. Keto? What is Keto? In the beginning I honestly had no clue. Like many, I had heard rumors of a low carb high fat way of eating, so I thought I should give it a try. I started on my journey and then I ran into trouble and became super frustrated. I was not losing any weight! I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I definitely wanted to give up and just eat everything, but something told me to stick with it. What was the alternative? Keep yo-yo dieting and failing miserably? Try another fad diet and pray I got results this time?

After almost a year I have managed to lose and maintain 85 pounds. The benefits? I am no longer clinically depressed, I no longer suffer from bouts of anxiety, I have increased energy, and I get to live my best life in my best body. These are just a few of my many benefits.

The Ketogenic Lifestyle is truly healing and life altering.

My expressed mission is to help others who want to gain a healthier way of living and change their lives in the process. Coaching others to their goals is my passion and purpose. I started coaching others because I wanted to help others feel the amazing feeling and health benefits that keto provides. The knowledge that I give to others can literally help them save their life and that is why coaching is so important to me.

Are you ready to change your life?