This will be an intensive 1- Day Masterclass streamlined to help you start and monetize your keto coaching business. Learn how Coach Char took her business from $0 to $400k in 2 years! Learn the secrets on how to effectively coach in the weightloss community and monetize it to become successful.


Some of the topics covered in this Masterclass will be: 


I. Business Setup 

  • How to get and maintain your LLC or S-Corp

  • Business systems (payment processors, customer contact, professionalism)

  • How to set realistic business goals 

  • A realistic timeline for business execution 

  • Entrepreneurial mindset 

  • How to go from working a traditional 9-5 to building a full time business  (the exit plan that makes sense)

  • How to create a side hustle (part time entrepreneurship)


II. Social Media

  • How to set up your social media

  • How to build your following on social media

  • How to engage and retain your following 

  • How to convert followers to customers

  • How to brand your business 

  • How to effectively write an market and e-book

  • How to price your services competitively