In THE KETO BIBLE you will find ALL the information you need to get started on a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Included are:


  •  Over 30 sample meal ideas with recipes
  •  how to calculate your own macros correctly
  •  how to track your macros 
  •  full keto grocery list
  •  guide to intermittent fasting
  •  guide to supplements
  •  electrolytes explained
  •  how to break a weightloss stall
  •  how to know if you have achieved ketosis
  •  weightloss trackers and goal setting guides
  •  Frequently Asked Questions
  •  And so much more!


I have layed out all the information you need to get started in a simple yet comprehensive guide. Good luck on your weightloss journey! 

* Please Note: This is not a physical copy nor will a phsical copy be recieved.  This is an automatically downloadable e-book.  

The Keto Bible